Version: January 4, 2018


Swinging iron


Here is an early attempt at assembling an electric reproducer - in any case it uses technology available in the 1920's , although it is really impossible to determine when it was actually built.

The remaining parts are an Edison Diamond Disc reproducer joined to a mid-1920s balanced armature speaker driver. This driver has a small iron bar, the armature, suspended and in balance between the poles of a magnet. Around the armature is a coil that drives the armature if it is used as a speaker, or in this case emits a signal when moved by the groove being played.

A thread is attached to the armature, and its other end must have been attached to the stylus bar of the original reproducer, which is no longer there. The original magnet, most likely a horseshoe magnet, is also missing.

The reproducer was picked up by Steve O'Bannon at an estate sale in Richardson, Texas. He concludes: "I don't know that he ever got as far as attaching the magnet.  In fact both the north and south poles of the reproducer seem to be fastened to the metal framework.  I am guessing that he never finished this device although it certainly is a well-made start.  I am also not convinced that it would work very well, although he had many other clever things in his home and may have had plans that I cannot see in his partially finished reproducer."

Christer Hamp, 2018


These images give a closer view of the center of the reproducer. At center is the coil inside which the armature is suspended.

All photographs provided by Steve O'Bannon

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