Version: Feb. 4, 2014

Unknown maker

Pathé updated


Here is an adaption of a Pathé 1 phonograph, fitted with a modern, straight Pioneer tone arm made of polymer graphite. The cartridge is a Shure SC 35 C, commonly used for old recordings, fitted with a sapphire stylus. The mounting holes in the cartridge shell are rather long, so the cartridge can be easily turned to make it track cylinders.

The tone arm is driven by the original feedscrew and rests on the bar where the horn used to move along with the movement of the reproducer. Even the original pulley is still in place and working. Power is provided by the original spring motor. There is an adapter for larger cylinders, which simply slides onto the standard size mandrel.

The player has been moving on the antiques market for a few years, and nobody remembers who modified it to its present state.


The cartridge is aligned by turning it in its shell. The bell-like piece under the tone arm protects the cables coming from the cartridge
The original adapter for Inter cylinders. The phonograph playing an Inter cylinder.

All images courtesy Philippe Beau.

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