Version: December 26, 2006

John Lasher

The sugar loaf


In the Australian outback, John Lasher in Broken Hill, New South Wales, has developed a modern reproducer for Edison cylinder players with the large O-ring.

The white body of the reproducer is turned out of polypropylene, a material that gives little resonance. The cartridge is stiffly mounted in the polypropylene housing, without any spring to take care of the excentricity of old warped cylinders. By turning the knurled upper part of the reproducer, the cartridge can be moved up and down to adjust stylus pressure, but the only thing taking care of cylinder surface movement is the stylus itself. So this version of the reproducer would require cylinders to be perfectly round if they are to play well.

John and Jeremy expect to market the reproducer under the name of Vox Melba Cylinder Reproducer through their eBay store during 2006. By then, it will be a spring loaded version that will play warped cylinders too. It will be sold without stylus.

Christer Hamp, 2006


View of the bottom of the reproducer

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