Version: March 8, 2015

Benjamin Canaday

Wood and crystal


This is a unit that fits any phonograph with a horn, whether for cylinders or discs. It simply replaces the horn and connects via its cable and a 1/8 inch plug, preferably to the microphone input of an amplifier. The original reproducer must be in place and in working condition. It is called the Canaphonic Archivette, after its maker's last name, but just how it is built is a bit of a secret. Mr. Canaday, better known under the name of The Victrola Guy, explains a little on one of his videos on Youtube:
"It is essentially a piezoelctric crystal that's been epoxied to a shaped piece of wood, and it's encased in a shielded container which is made of solid copper".

And that's just about all I know about this unit, which is being manufactured and for sale since 2012. There are several videos on Youtube that give examples of cylinders being played by the Canaphonic Archivette.

Christer Hamp, 2013


The Canaphonic Archivette Here the Archivette replaces the horn of a Victor gramophone
The Archivette mounted and ready to play.
Image courtesy Bruno Garnier
A glimpse of the inside of the Archivette, with the membrane visible.
Image courtesy Bruno Garnier

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