Version: Mar. 14, 2004

Norman Bruderhofer

A basic setup

by Norman Bruderhofer, 1999



My first idea of creating an electric pickup device for myself came over after many visits at Glenn Sage's website Tinfoil. But I did not want to create such a huge device, it only should work. Then, a few months later I got a used Akai AP-Q50 record player from which I took this tonearm. Then a friend made this heavy base from aluminium and a holder from brass.

The cartridge is a common shure M75-65 with a usual stylus normally used for vinyl records. So far, this only works with amberols. It works with indestructibles too, but the stylus does not have the right shape to provide a good sound.

Unfortunately this stylus cannot be used with any wax record as it is so sharp that any wax record would be shaved (black wax too). But in the future I plan to create such a glass stylus from the manual of Henri Chamoux and this really should work. The weight is a bit heavy this time - about 4-5 grams, otherwise it will skip. The right channel is connected in reverse to provide the pickup of hill and dale grooves.

I wanted to use this pickup for my future cylinder titles on my webpage but I purchased an ACT reproducer that provides a very similar sound. So only for some really odd sized cylinder this could be a useful tool. I tried my tonearm successfully on a royal purple amberol record with the ACT preamplifier.

As this arm works especially well with amberols I named it 'AmbTone'.


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