Version: March 15, 2021

Marek Bohac

DJ's player


At first sight, this player looks a bit like a vintage Edison phonograph with a modern tone arm, but in fact it is all new, manufactured from scratch by Marek Bohac, wooden box and all. Just read the label!
Marek has been fascinated by phonographs since childhood. He started by making several replicas of Edison acoustic phonographs and then moved on to making electric players like this, the Bohac V04.
The drive motor, a Tesla Litovel, with pulleys and belt, are in the metal box on top of the bedplate. What looks like a wooden pulley on the left is in fact the scratch wheel - yes, Marek actually uses this player and an identical one for DJ performances!
The pickup is a Supraphon VK 311 outfitted with 0.4 mm diameter glass beads for stylus. The tone arm does not have the classical Edison drive, but instead rolls free on a metal bar behind the mandrel.

Christer Hamp, 2015


The drive assembly with the motor in the middle and the wooden scratch wheel to the left, outside the box.

The tone arm with its counterweight rolls free on a metal bar behind the mandrel.

Marek Bohac and friend DJ-ing with both old cylinders and cylinders recorded by Marek on his recording phonograph. Note the custom made mixer table between the two phonographs. The image is from a video clip on Youtube.

All images provided by Marek Bohac

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